With an upper cervical adjustment, balance is restored to the nervous system. The signals from the brain can get through again and the body begins to relax and move back into proper alignment.

What Makes Vida Chiropractic So Different?

Most traditional chiropractors will look only at the location of the pain and treat symptoms. We don’t want to just treat symptoms, we want to find the actual cause of the problem.

You don't just want to feel better, you want to be well.

The Real Issue

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The central nervous system sends signals from the base of skull, through the spinal column and out to the body. You could say the Central Nervous System is the Information Super-Highway of the body. All the information needed for optimal health and wellness orginiates here.

But, what if these signals from the brain are not getting through? Or maybe they are slowed down or misdirected. It’s kind of like a garden hose that gets a “kink” in it. The water won’t flow like it’s supposed to.


The same thing can happen when there is an impediment to the nerves that travel through the spine. If there is a misalignment, the signals from the brain are interrupted. And, this can result in a multitude of problems. In fact, you may not realize how many negative symptoms result from nerve impingement. Ultimately, you may end up feeling tremendous pain in the head, neck, back, and even the arms and legs. Or worse...

You may have a problem and NOT EVEN KNOW ABOUT IT because you don't have any symptoms.

Upper Cervical Spine Labeled ModelWhen the “kink” is corrected, and signals from the nervous system are allowed to flow throughout the body, proper balance and function are restored. It’s really quite simple.

In order for the body to function properly, you need to remove the interference.

There are two bones located right at the base of the skull called the atlas and the axis. It is through these two bones that all the nerves travel from the brain stem to the rest of the body. When these two bones are out of balance, the misalignment can put pressure on a nerve. And then there is loss of function, severely altering function which results in many kinds of problems.

Often, the body tries to compensate in other ways. That’s why when your neck hurts, you may find that within a short period of time a shoulder starts to ache, or you start to feel pain in the low back too.

A Unique Approach

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When you see Dr. Loher at Vida Chiropractic, he will use a thermographic scanner to check your nervous system. This very sensitive piece of equipment measures signals from the nervous system and can help us determine if there is any interference and if so, where. This, along with digital x-rays let us know if these two critical bones are out balance, causing a variety of symptoms.

If this is the case, one single adjustment to realign these two bones is all that is necessary to get the signals moving to the body again. If there is no misalignment, the doctor will not adjust. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Studies have shown repeatedly that this type of adjustment has better results than the traditional method of manipulating all up and down the spine.

No more weird contortions, no more “cracking” sounds. Just one simple movement to bring balance back to the nervous systems and spine. That’s it.

Optimal Health

Getting scanned on a regular basis will ensure that any misalignment is addressed before you begin to experience problems again.

See how easy it is to achieve great health with chiropractic care?

If you are experiencing pain, or any health condition, we can help your body perform at its best. We will perform a Specific Nervous System Test, get x-rays and determine what's causing the problem. Dr. Loher will explain exactly what’s going on and how upper cervical chiropractic can restore balance to the spine and nervous system for long-lasting results.

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