Vida means Life!

I want You to experience a healthy and balanced life! Since 2005, I've been helping people get out of pain and vastly improve their quality of life. With the right kind of chiropractic care, I can help you find the balance to live LIFE to the fullest for years to come!

Have you experienced a health challenge that keeps you from enjoying life the way you imagined?

Restoring balance to the nervous system can help in ways you never thought possible. Through our unique and innovative cervical adjustment technique, your spine realigns, balance is restored, and spinal pressure is alleviated.

And, the result . . . ? Less pain, increased mobility, even improved circulation. And that means more life.

When you come in for the first time, you will get x-rays and a complete exam. You will also be scanned using Digital Laser-aligned Radiography. This can detect even the smallest misalignment which may be causing a whole host of problems.

Here at Vida Chiropractic we see a variety of patients. Some have. . .

  • long-standing issues
  • new injuries
  • “tried everything”
  • trouble sleeping
  • trouble sitting or standing
  • lack of energy
  • pain in the arms or legs
  • headaches
  • sciatica

With the right equipment to determine the exact cause of your pain, combined with the most current research available, the adjustment you receive will be targeted to the specific area of spinal restriction.

A post adjustment scan will verify that the adjustment has, in fact, aligned your spine. Many patients report feeling relief in other areas including the low back and legs, all from just one cervical adjustment.

Schedule an appointment today and find out why the Vida Chiropractic approach is making such a positive difference in so many lives.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Terry Loher, D.C.

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